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Friday, May 19, 2006

A busy day.......

We are hoping to start work on renovating the barn soon so have been clearing it out today. Our elderly neighbour has allowed us to store our bits and peices in his barn which meant he had to get his workman, a spritely 76 year old, to tidy it up. The remaining stuff in his barn looks as though it's been there since the beginning of time and it uniformly this beigey/browny colour of wood that is slowly disintegrating. The siamese stray and her kittens were well hidden in the untouched corner of the barn, we saw mum later but no sign again of the kittens. Having three cats of out own and the two that we feed for our neighbours, we really don't need any more, sad to say. It took us a couple of hours to finish the work and now we need to make our first visit to the communal tip to get rid of the rubbish. Watch this space. Living in a foreigh country, speaking a foreign language makes anything new that we attempt a real adventure. But then, that's why we came here in the first place.

I planted out the marigolds around the tomato plot this afternoon. Apparently they keep bugs away that could damage the fruit. We have about 30 tomato plants so that should keep the two of us from starving. Barry picked another row of broad beans; more for the freezer. We sat out this evening with a glass of wine under the cherry tree, having spent 10 minutes cherry-picking, watching the bees busily working each of the bright blue flowers of the anchusa.


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