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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday - Fetes des mères

We went to St. Clar this morning, a pretty little town known locally as the garlic capital of the Gers. They were holding a vide-grenier, more of a garage sale than an antiques sales, a flea market is probably the best description. It was fun to look around but nothing really caught the eye, I think we have enough of our own rubbish to get rid of without adding to it. It was a beautiful warm morning, though, and in the town square there was a plant sale whigh was more to my liking and I came home with an orange abutilon and a couple of fuchsias, so I was happy.

After "feasting" with our French friends we came home and collapsed in a heap for a couple of hours. Lunch was a delicious four-course meal which lasted the usual 3 to 4 hours and always leaves us fit for nothing. Eventually, I recovered enough to pot up the plants that I brought back and water everything else - it turned out to be very hot this afternoon and we have had no rain now for a week or so, the grass is beginning to crunch and will soon be in its normal summer condition, hay, I think is the best word to describe it.


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